Pet Styptic Gels & Powders

Pet styptic gels & powders, suitable for dogs and cats. The pet styptic gels & powders are made with a natural herbal extract for effective treatment to eliminate the bacteria on your cat’s skin. Pet styptic powder is suitable for small animals such as cats, dogs, cats, horses. The powder is a powerful solution to temporary infections and wounds. This product is made of powder, which is not easy to damage the pet’s skin. In the meantime, powder for dogs and cats is used in conjunction with a dog’s daily routine. And powder can be added to alkaline or alkaline, and the product does not have any effect on humans. Meanwhile, this powder is used for both cats and kittens. At the same time, powder can effectively protect the skin of the puppy and make it healthier. Meanwhile, powder, effectively prevent pets from being hurt by the injury or surgery.

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