Dog Doors & Ramps

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Looking for dog doors & ramps? Easy to install, can be mounted on the pet door or wall. The dog doors & ramps are made of high-quality plastic, and the top has a strong and stable structure. The dog doors & ramps can be easily opened and closed without hurting your pet. With a little help of this safety door, your pet can not close the security doors. It can be used on both sides, and the thickened glass surface is smooth and easy to pass, convenient for you to enter and exit doors. When your pets enter and exit the range, you can leave the doors closed without a key. In the meantime, the door is easy to install on any doors, and it can be used with other doors. The magnet is designed to prevent pets from opening doors or closing, and keep cats and other animals from escaping. Meanwhile, easy to install, suitable for small and medium pets’ doors. What’s more, the door is designed with magnet, easy to install on the wall.

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