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Pawpaw: Pet Supplies❤️Pet Products Shop #1 Best Online Store

Welcome to PawPaw Pet Boutique


Dog gear, Collars & Leads, Dog clothes & shoes, Dog Grooming and More



Beds & Mats, Cat Clothing, Carriers & Strollers, Cat Grooming, Collars & Leads, and More


Small Animals

Cages, Small Animal Toys, Exercise Wheels, Tubes & Tunnels, and More


Our Philosophy

We believe that the bond between humans and animals is an extraordinary gift that should be used by all and treated with the utmost care. We cultivate this gift by providing all pet shop parents with quality pet care products and knowledgeable advice in a fun and welcoming environment.

Our Core Values

  1. Cherish and Nurture: Provide a healthy and happy environment for pets, with love and compassion as the basis for caring for pets;
  2. Be a trusted expert: listen with heart, answer with knowledge, act with integrity;
  3. Cultivate the human/animal bond: Recognize that the unconditional love of pets is invaluable and can make our lives better. That’s why we encourage guests of all ages to play and enjoy with their pets when visiting.
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